Monday, July 28, 2008


I passed! Today I took the motorcycle test to get my licence. I know that I was supposed to do it two weeks ago, but that's another really long story. Anyway, my mom and I got there and did all the paperwork etc. Mom was having a hard time because she was so nervous. Major butterflies. So I told her I would go first. I have been driving around that motorcycle for almost 2 years now, and I was pretty sure I had a handle on the whole thing. Wrong. The guy giving the test was not a nice fellow. I would do something and then he was like "Is that really your best?" and I was all "Uhhh....looks like it". He was making me so nervous and so I totally messed up the second section where you have to swerve through cones (that were so close together!) and then come around and make a U-turn. So I started through the cones, was a bit shaky, and missed the last one. Dang it. Then turned around to go to make the U turn and came out of boundaries and started turning before the line turned yellow then came around and had to put my foot down. He took off 9 points! And he made sure that I knew exactly what I did wrong. "First of all you completely missed that last cone at the end, 1 point. Then you went out side the boundary,2 points. Started before the yellow line,2. And put your foot down before you finished, 5 points. So lets see here you have already lost 9 points and you have two more points before you fail, do you want to give up now or keep going?". "Ummm keep going I guess". So then I do a running stop. But he was saying I had to keep a certain speed and it made me so nervous to make sure I had that speed, I didn't stop that fast. So then he came up and said " That was terrible. You can have one more chance if you think you can listen to me this time." Gah! That was the problem in the first place. I did much better the second time and squeaked by with a passing grade. My mom wasn't so lucky and didn't make it through the test. Though, I was proud of her because I was even having a hard time with that guy. She will try again later though . So now its off to places around the neighborhood with my newly established status as a licenced motorist. Hopefully I wont have to maneuver through 2 feet apart cones and quickly U-turn only after I get to the yellow line while a guy is yelling at me, anytime soon while driving down the street!


Drew said...

GOOD HEAV, that guy is a butt! Maybe he's trying to weed out the people who really shouldn't be on the road, but really, that seemed a little excessive.

Congratulations on your licensed status.

Katie said...

Man he sounded terrible! That sucks. GREAT JOB on passing! I totally wouldn’t even know where to begin to drive a motor cycle! I didn’t even know you guys had one. That’s way cool

Rebecca Snyder said...

Lace! Those tests are so hard! I got mine a couple years ago and they ask for impossible things, so don't even sweat it. If I had missed one more point, I wouldn't have gotten it. How exciting! We should ride sometime!

Linda Horsley said...

Wow! Lace I don't think I could do that. Grant wants me to drive our motorcycle, but it is too big for me. I get really scared. are my hero!

P.S. Tell your mom not to give up!