Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Family Days

These past two weeks have mainly been about my family. My grandpa passed away on June 29th. It was sad because we will miss him, but it was really wonderful because he had been in pain for so long and was ready to go. So we had viewings, a funeral, and lots of time together. My aunt and uncle (and kids)came from California, and since we dont get to see them much, we have been with each other every day since the 2nd! Its been crazy, yet fun. The funeral was a wonderful tribute to my grandpa and many said it was the best funeral they have ever been to. After that, we spent time with the family at the lake and at houses. Here are some pics of the fun times!

Me and Cousin Bo at the viewing (first time I actually saw her)

Mom with siblings and grandma at the viewing

Me as one of the MANY grandchildren placing a rose on the casket

My crazy family at the lunch after the funeral

Me and more family at the lunchen.

Backflips at the lake starting with Mariahs Walk on Water

Kali's stick legged flip. Elegant!

Brocks side flip. Nice and easy.

Mom and I at the fireworks

Horsleys at the Fireworks (moms sister and family)

Dad tickling Bo with his beard. She didn't like it at first, but she just LOVED Dad and it was so cute.

Hank and Loni eased up to the fireworks and got really comfortable with the sparklers. Nice Form!

Everyone in the family that came to fireworks.


Katie said...

I am sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Those are hard times but it seems to always bring the family closer. It sounds like it did for your family too. I glad you guys had a fun family weekend. I loved all the pictures! You cousin Bo is so dang cute!

Drew said...

HA HA! "Nice form!" Sounds like good times. It's nice when family can pull together during hard times like a funeral, it makes the times not so bad.

Elise and Jeff said...

And that is it! Now, THAT was it!! Ha, ha! Hahhaha... Like Drew said, sad times, but closer together times as well.

Lisa said...

we had a blast! your game was so fun and i can't wait to play it again!

Linda Horsley said...


I love the pictures. I copied our picture from the 4th of July. I have loved spending time with you lately. We missed you four wheeling. Love you tons!