Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

We weren't really sure what to be this year.  Napoleon and Pedro came to our minds, but that didn't really work out.  Then we remembered that Lee looks just like Russell from UP!  So last minute we pulled things together and created these costumes!

At work we were voted as best group costume!  It was funny because people would look at Lee and say "Funny, you are a fat boy scout." Then they would look at me and become really confused.  Then it would click. "OOOOOOH!!! CUTE!"

We even went into a store to get balloons. I walked up to the counter and said "We need some balloons", and the girl said "AWWWW! Of course you do!".  A little girl even said "Russell!", right when she saw Lee.  He does look like him! I need a little more work....not that good at frowning.  Plus Leland said I don't make a good man.  Luckily I was only on on Halloween! Hope you like the pics, and hope you had a happy Halloween!