Saturday, June 28, 2008

Officially Official.......

Well Auditions for American Idol are on July 29th at the Energy Solutions Arena. So anyone who wants to audition, there you go! Also, I don't really know if I want to audition. It would be uber devistating if they told me I had a terrible voice and that I belonged at a wedding....on a cruise ship. Or something like that. Thoughts?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Assembly Required

Our computer desk is just a large table right now with junk all over it. This is because we got a new computer desk, but then it was damaged, so we had to take it back. So I disassembled the desk we worked to put together, and took it back. Then we had a brand new desk to put together. Guess who got the job?..........I can't say that it was too hard though. Just annoyingly time consuming. There were 20 different kinds of screws and nothing was labeled properly. I was very proud of myself for getting it all done though. Now I wont stand with my head schlumped down and hands dangling lifelessly at my side when I see " Assembly Required" on the box. I can do it.

Don Mess with the Jones Women

Uh yeah, this kid was talking to Mariah at school and was telling her that her friends were stupid. So Mariah, being the "ain't takin' no crap" girl that she is, said something mildly rude back. BUT THEN, the boy says " At least I don't have a down syndrome sister!". This is where Mariah practiced self control because she didn't want to get in trouble and not get to Lagoon Day. So she didn't hit him. Then she came home and told me the story and I was pretty mad. WHO SAYS THAT? Who could be such a slime ball? Does this sort of person even exist. Yes he does. I can say that first hand now because we saw him walking on the side of the road while the women of the family were driving home from somewhere. Mariah started screaming "that's him!" so my mom quickly screeeched a u-turn, and pulled up right next to him. I was ready to give this kid a piece of my mind. My sisters and mom elected me to be the voice of the family, and I had no problem with it. I said "Um I heard you made fun of my sister for being down syndrome? Not cool man." He was all "Tsh... who the heck are you anyway?". My mom started yelling from the front seat "Mariah Jones ring a bell?". He was like "Shes lying". I said "WHY would she lie about something like that?". Then Mariah got up and was like "HEY! You know what you said!" and he was like "Whatever, I'm not listening to this" and walked off. If only I was younger, I would have beat that kid. We didn't leave without the last word though. Oh NO. I yelled after him "You better watch your BACK kid! You hear me!". THEN we drove away. Seriously, don't mess with my family unless you want to get tracked down in a Denali with a bunch of angry and dangerous women inside.

Hard Times: Sibling Style

This has been quite an unfortunate few days for some of my siblings. Its kinda sad, but good in the end. So that makes a perfect blog topic right? Lets start with...
Girls camp started and my mom went up to help with rotation activities for the day. They were sewing footballs for the humanitarian center and as you can see, Justine was having a good time so far at camp. See!

Then Justine's rotation took her to the archery station where she actually hit the target! Needless to say, she was prrrty darn excited about that. So, she came bounding up the asphalt to retrieve it. Unfortunately she isn't the most coordinated and fell flat on her face. Like seriously, no hyperbole being used. She scraped up her face pretty badly. See.

The only thing that actually calmed her down was putting a band aid on. The theme for the camp was "Superheros", so naturally, they put a superman band aid on her. Since her lip was split, she also wanted a band aid on it. My mom wasn't too sure about that, so they put another band aid underneath it. That was good enough for her. Then finally one more on her knee finished the "healing" process off. It was funny how much her mood changed with each band aid. See...

Notice her happy Superman pose.
I don't know what band aid companies put in those things, but they work like magic every time. Now to....

I don't really have to say that my brother is a stud, but he is. This includes how he is on his baseball team. They pretty much all look to him because he is probably the best one. Not to mention Dad decided to be the coach this year. So the team had a pretty good season and Brock kicked some butt. See!

They made it to the tournament and unfortunately lost in the second round. Everyone one was sad, but mostly Brock. Like seriously, no hyperbole used. He was bawling in front of everyone. See. (he is on the left)

I felt bad. He just gets so competitive about these things. So I asked what I could do to help. " I just wanted to hit a home run", he said. So I told him that at the baseball party we should get a Homer Simpson pinata so that everyone could "hit a homer". Haha, pretty good if I do say so myself. That made him cheer up and he is looking forward to the party now. Yay for Homer. See!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Lagoon = FUN

We went to Lagoon for fun times with the family. We ususally do this every other year with my dads work, so this was one of those years! We started off with wicked, which.........was WICKED! My stomache hasn't felt like that since they opened the Samurai. The beginning is the craziest part! Anyway, we went on a lot of rides, but I couldn't go on many because I still had to work for a few hours that night. When I got back everyone was eating and as you can see in thep picture, the Archuletas are right in the background. My dad works with Davids grandma and we were hoping he was going ot be there...but alas. *sigh* Anyway. I am pretty proud of my mind control skills. We have been brain washing Justine all week that the sky coaster was soo much fun. She even had actions. She would point to three of her fingers and say "Lacie, Justine, Dad" then bring the fingers up high and swing them down just like the sky coaster. This imagery helped even when we were right there in line to do it, she was so excited. Usually we would never be able to get her to do that. The problem was that the line was waaaay too long and we were going to have to wait until next time. She was upset. Once the day was coming to an end and my dad had to leave, Justine FREAKED out! She wouldn't even move and was just yelling at me because she wanted dad. Finally I was just sick of it, so I took her to the car and we waited there for an hour and a half for the rest of the family. It wasn't the best end to the day, but I would rather that than have her sit and yell at me. It was fun over all. Lessons learned: 1. Go to the sky coaster first to avoid a huge line. 2. Make sure dad sticks around for the whole time, otherwise Justine will freak out. 3. Make sure David Archuleta is notified well in advance for Lagoon Day.

It was funny because Justine just ran up and did this pose right after mom said that we were taking a picture.

Eating ice cream. Notice the Arhculetas in the background talking to Dad.

Um, yeah the White Roller Coaster scares me...

A great example of Justine in her "mood"

Bumper cars, gotta love em.