Tuesday, August 31, 2010

July 10, 2010 - WEDDING DAY

We did it! We got married!  I have put off doing a post about it only because I don't know how to sum up my feelings of that day into one blog post! However, so many people have told me to update my blog.  So I am going to try!

That morning was so relaxed.  It sort of weirded me out! My mom was more nervous than I was. The temple is so calming and I love sitting in that beautiful brides room in the temple.  Relaxed and ready for marriage. Once I saw Lee, everything was even better.  We were so relaxed sitting in the Celestial Room waiting to go in.  I just kept thinking "I'm getting married, shouldn't I be freaking out?".  Leland was just as calm. I guess that means that we were ready!

The sealing was so special and we really enjoyed the advice the sealer gave.  It was hard though, because I couldn't look at anyone in the room or I would start crying (in particular Dad, Lisa, or Georgia who were in puddles).  It was overwhelming to have the people you care so much about all there for you at the same time.  Once we started the actual ceremony I couldn't even look at Lee for too long.  He was getting teary eyed and so was I.  We had such a great spirit in that room and we were ready for that moment. All that time of waiting was for that moment in that PLACE.  We wouldn't have done it any other way or anywhere else.

After some pictures at the temple, we were off to The Mandarin in Bountiful where we had our family luncheon and tea ceremony.  It was so great to have something special for Leland's family and heritage on that day.  I got to wear my beautiful red dress and participate in a great family tradition.  We serve tea to our elders who have been married, and in return the give us gifts (including jewelry usually).  It is very symbolic and special.  It was also the greatest thing that my family could be there to participate in this cultural experience. We had great food afterward and really enjoyed our time together.

We held our reception at Wadley Farms.  We could not have been more lucky with the weather.  It was perfecto.  The facilities were beautiful and everything turned out exactly as I had hoped (except for the flowers, but I was too happy that day to really care).  I had even planned on doing coloring pages of me and Lee for the kids and they were a big hit. Thanks Elise, Drew, and Julie! For the reception we had planned on just walking around and chatting with people but that plan was quickly thrown out the window.  There were so many people there! It was awesome to see so many people that we loved on our special day.

I do have to say that a special part of the night was dancing with my dad.  I had planned on it since I was a little girl and it was perfect.  I love both my parents, but I have always been a daddy's girl and everyone knows that. It was sad when my dad started getting emotional while we were dancing, but I know that he was so happy that I was married to a great man. He was happy to hand me over to my love and Lee and I finished out the dance.

The exit was a great tunnel of friends and family!  Justine totally thought it was for her and she ran through laughing and cheering. :) Unfortunately the awesomeness ended there because when we got to the car, we found it completely destroyed! I should have known, even the diaper under the seat! Bleck...

All in all I do have to say that the day went perfectly.  Even if some things went wrong, I didn't care.  I married the best man I had ever known. Lee and I talk and wish we could go back and live that day again. It was the day that we had waited so long for and it was worth it. The day was the best of our lives.