Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cut Above the Rest

I was always one who thought it was dumb to cut your hair off soon after you got married.  If you wanted long hair for the wedding (so it would look best), why wouldn't you want your hair to look great always?  Well I still believe that.  However.....

My hair was getting tiresome.  I hadn't only grown it long for my wedding, but for years and years.  Long, wavy locks is my signature hairstyle after all!  Though it looked lovely, I didn't want to go down in history as "that girl that always has the same hairdo".  You know who I am talking about, those ladies that had fabulously feathered wings in high school and still flaunt them in 2010?  I couldn't be that.  I decided I just needed a change of hairstyle and it just so happened to fall a little after I got married.  I talked it over with the husband, family, friends, and my hairstylist, who suggested that change was good.  Besides, it grows back!  Shorter hair now doesn't necessarily mean short hair forever.

Anyway, the change went from this:

To this:

I actually think that it looks refreshing and is still quite similar to my old hairstyle, just shorter.  It makes my hair look healthier and thicker as well. What do you think?

Talkin' Turkey

My husband is awesome.  Look what he made for his niece's birthday celebration we had the day after Thanksgiving! A turkey cake! So creative.

The legs were even made from spice cake to look like dark meat. 

Lee had teased Anna earlier that she would have to blow her candles out from atop a turkey.  She didn't like that idea very much, but soon warmed up to it once she saw that it was a turkey cake instead!

Friends of the Canine Variety

This summer our family dog had puppies again.  This was the third and largest litter of all.  They were so energetic and cute.  So much so, that Dad was convinced that we had to keep one.  After Lee and I got married we still came up to my parents house at least twice a week.  We love my family and all, but the travel was mainly for the puppies.  And can you blame us? Look at these cuties!

They thought it was fun to chew on our ears.  It tickles so much!

It was hot in July and these puppies were always hiding out in the bushes

Since there were so many puppies, even Lee got to name one.  Meet Kevin!

This is my sweetie, Fleck

We let them play in the flower garden and it was like children on a playground! They were barking and jumping, pouncing and wrestling.  After a while Doug got tired and made a bed on these soft flowers.  It was so cute, it was difficult to get mad at them for ruining the flower garden.

Mukwa is happy to take a break from the puppies with Lee

We wish we could have kept them all, but we were so happy to have been able to keep Bubba.  He is so funny!  Another post on that later!