Saturday, July 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Um I thought to make this a little more worthwhile, I would add some pictures! Sorry, but some of them scanned in without being cropped. Deal with it.

20 years ago I was....
1- not born yet
2- waiting in the womb
3- kickin' like mad

One year old (since I wasn't born at that time yet)

10 years ago I was....
1-pretending to be a spy in the neighborhood and really spying on everyone
2-playing basketball ALL the time
3-Cheering the Jazz as the played for the Championship against the Bulls

5 years ago I was...
1-still only 15 :(
2-going to the McCabes pretty much every night.
3-starting to mesh with a new group of friends

3 years ago I was...
1- in Finland!
2- preparing for Les Mis, student council, and chamber choir.
3- having a blast working at Family Video, or maybe the "Book and Clothing" was added on by then, or maybe it was then called "Latter Day Specialties", ha.

1 year ago I was...
1-recovering from serious back and limb pain
2-going into my 2nd year of college at Weber State University
3- playing with all of the puppies!

So far this year....
1-I have taught piano at a music school
2-Spent a LOT more time with my family and am actually starting to enjoy being with them.
3- Watched LOST at LEAST once a week. If not more.

(This is the wonderful Drawing that Drew did of the LOST club. I am on the farthest right)
Yesterday I...
1-started a new job and completely lost everything I had worked on the whole day. Fabulous 1st day.
2- practiced singing at the McCabes and then ran home to have dinner at the Luau
3-watched LOST with Drew and Jared.

Today I....
1- watched the Cedar Hills Family Days parade.
2- Got soaked with the rest of ward victims in the water cannon by my dad.
3- Will be out on the elementary school field ready and excited to watch fireworks.

Tomorrow I will...
1-Go to the Singles Ward
2-Sing in the homeward with Todd accompanying
3-Decide who's turn it is to make chocolate chip cookies. I swear its not mine...


Drew said...

Great happenings, and wonderful idea, addition of the photos! I wonder if I could find pictures of me from 10 and 20 years ago... I mean, I'm sure I could, but there would be a lot of scanning to do.

Huzzah, I was mentioned twice. Again, great job on your solo by the way!

Katie said...

I loved the pics. The one of you in the pink shirt you look so much like your mom! Thats crazy. Way cute picture!