Friday, October 1, 2010

Newlywed Game

I have been waiting to get our underwater cameras developed to post about our honeymoon.  Until then, I offer for you ways to know that you are a newlywed.

You Are A Newlywed If....

* You're late for work each morning because cuddling after the snooze button is pushed, continues for a half hour longer than expected...

* You take shorter showers so that your spouse can have a hot shower too

* You realize AFTER you buy all those cute clothes online that you aren't the only one who will know how much you paid for them...(crap...)

* Finishing leftovers gives you the biggest feeling of accomplishment ("Yay! Those enchiladas are outta there!")

* You call out for your mom to clean up the rotten potatoes you found in the cupboard...(echo...echo..echo...)

 * You can come home when its light and never leave until it's light again the next day! It still astounds me!

* Rice is no longer a meal time staple and is replaced by cheese. (Leland)

 * You are almost brought to tears of joy seeing a washer and dryer in your place.

* You have more pictures of the two of you than you know what to do with and start contemplating how your bathroom would look with your wedding pictures over the toilet.

And finally

* When you are happier than you have ever been in your life.  You are constantly finding new reasons to be in love and enjoying all of the "quirks" that come with being newlyweds.  Good and Bad.


Elise and Jeff said...

Ha ha! I love it (especially the wedding pictures over the toilet! Do it!) You forgot my favorite one, though! When you stop making an effort to wear make up or your cute clothes altogether, because you have secured your man for eternity, and he's not going anywhere...

Though, maybe that goes on the list of when you know you are NOT a newly wed any more.