Thursday, October 21, 2010


We went to St Lucia!!! I was so surprised! Even though Leland didn't tell me where we were going on our honeymoon until our wedding night, it was worth it!  All those threats of going camping were empty. Ha HA! I knew he wouldn't let me down. 

I don't want this too be too wordy, so I am mostly going to just give you some pictures!  The country was Bea-utiful. We had some pretty awesome adventures  and went on some tours of the island, took a mud bath in the volcano, horseback riding on the beach, snorkeling, and wake boarding in the ocean.  

Luckily we were in a situation where we could do a lot of relaxing as well.  Adventures when we want, relax when we want.  We got a couples massage, relaxed on the beach, ate ourselves sick, and spent some time relaxing in the room with the TV.

It was a good time and place for us to be together and get used to our married-hood.

Some fun things that happened while we were there:

- We met an awesome kid on the flight out there who took to Leland right away.  He even put a new movie on for Leland when he fell asleep. :)

- Everyone there was on their honeymoon!  We thought we would get special treatment and all being on our honeymoon but because everyone else was too, it wasn't all that special.  We were supposed to get a bed of rose petals and a bottle of bubbly.  We got no bubbly and six whole plastic rose petals! Two in the middle and one in each corner.  Romantic!

- Leland went to every bar he saw, whenever he saw it at the resort.  Virgin drinks were a big hit and we found our favorite one a "Scorpion".

-Long interestingly awesome story short: Before our couples massage there was a giant spider (as big as my hand) on the wall and me and these three girls were screaming in terror at it.  Then a woman came in found it and picked it up with her hand and made a fist! She squished the spider with her bare hand and it squeeked when she killed it! EW!

- We went to church there and we had a difficult time finding the meeting house.  No road names or house numbers!  We finally found it and had a grand time with the members there.

-It was all you can eat food at any restraunt at any Sandals resort on the island.  We ate so much.

We wished we could have stayed longer, but I think that we did the most we could with the time we had.  
Luckily for us the Honeymoon never ended, it just changed locations!


Julie said...

Honeymoons are the best! Also, those rose petals will never not be funny.

Drew said...

Yes seriously, those rose petals FTW. Interesting about the bars, I've never been much into the bar scene, but it sounds like Leland knows how to manage it. Great photos, you'll be so glad you have them in the future!