Thursday, September 4, 2008

My new life

I thought I would give a quick update for those who don't know where I am at or whats going on with me.

I am now going to school at UVU and am actually enjoying myself. I am taking some religion classes so that they can eventually transfer over to BYU (also they are free), World Civ (awesome crazy teacher that I think I will learn a lot from), and Sociology (which at the moment seems like World Civ, but hopefully will be going in a different direction soon). Actually my Sociology teacher looks kind of like Tarzan and Weird Al Yankovich mixed together. See it? He is really cool though. Also my religion classes are great and I actually know someone in each one of them. That would have never happened at Weber. Its also good spiritual nourishment for the rest of the day and I already see the benifits of that.

As for my living arrangements. I am currently living in the Crestwood. The apartment I am living in is tre chic. Granite counter tops, leather couches, etc. And my own private room. :) The social activities here are fun and I have actually already had more social interactions than I had all last year at Weber. That's something I am getting used to, but loving. My roommates are all really awesome and we get along well so far. It IS still kind of awkward in the stage we are in still getting to know each other and stuff, but its getting easier every day. So now I have the luxury of both being with familiar good friends that I knew from high school, college, and this summer, and making some fun new ones also. I will let you know any more progress in that area.

As for my job, I just finished up working for a dating company the other day. So I am on the market! I interviewed for a job on Wednesday, so cross your fingers because I find out Monday. I had fun at my old job, but hopefully a new one comes along soon.

That's about it! My ward is pretty cool, but I have only been with them a week and next week is regional conference, so not much interaction there. But I plan on fully participating in all the activities. Wish me luck in all of the new aspects of my life!


Drew said...

Yay for being social! Welcome to being a Utah Valley college student. Your place is super luxe and has a nice hot tub (we'll have to figure out how to get it actually HOT, and keep it hot). School sounds great and so hurrah for all of the above.

Katie said...

I'm not going to lie...I am jealous! This time the year (starting school, new roommates, new ward etc) is so dang fun! Don’t get me wrong being married is also fun but don’t forget to enjoy this part of life (i really miss it sometimes!). I understand the awkward roommate stage. It totally sucks. But it eventually goes away. And being totally evolved in your ward is seriously the most important. My roommates all went home for church (or to a boyfriends ward) so I ended up going by myself to most every Sunday/FHE but seriously it’s worth it! This may just be the shallowest way to look at it but you never know where you’ll meet your future husband (church is awesome!)! Now that I have left you a book to read- sorry so long!

Linda Horsley said...

I am so excited for you. You will love it down there. Seriously...Crestwood. I went to some fun parties there. Keep writing so I can live vicariously through you. Love ya!

Reags said...

WOOT GOOD LUCK HOTTIE! (can i call you that or is that just wierd? sorry)

CrAiG & MaNdIe SuE said...

LACI JONES!! holy cow!!I I'm so excited i came across your blog!! your adorable, and i totally remember that blue sweater vest thing you were wearing when you were little!! it is crazy how everyone is getting married, I am actually getting married January 3rd, its sounds like you are doing so awesome, and i am devastated that you didn't make american idol, I would of totally voted for you!! I remember when we were like best friends when we were little and had all the little sleep over parties!! i miss you! keep in touch! I am adding you to my friends list!! yea!! love ya mandie!