Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Gift of Music

A Gift indeed. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to go to the O.C. Tanner Gift of Music concert this Saturday. My parents had gone the night before and called me right after to let me know that I had to go. The concert featured the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Utah Symphony, guest conductor Erich Kunzel from the Cincinatti Pop Orchestra, and solo artists Denyce Graves and Brian Stokes Mitchell. So I called Drew, as I knew he would know more about the artists, to see if he wanted to go. He pretty much squealed with delight when I told him the guest artist. And now I can see why.

Brian Stokes Mitchell was so amazing. I was highly impressed by his talent and his genuine spirit. There are a lot of guys on Broadway right now that I think sound so whiny. Mr. Mitchell has a beautiful classically trained voice. But he played with it making it sometimes more classical, or more jazz. All of his songs were heartfelt and it was hard not to cry everytime he sang. He kicked it all off with the National Anthem and anyone there would agree it was breathtakingly remarkable. Also, he expressed that he was extremely honored to be singing with the choir and to be in this great hall. Sometimes people say that and don't sound like they mean it. It really sounded like he meant it after sharing memories of christmas with the MOTAB choir RECORD, lol. I appreciated him being there and am now a huge fan. Denyce Graves sang beautifully also, singing a medely of Broadway songs that was very lovely. Then she brought a great spirit to the concert when she sang a song as lady liberty calling all the weak and weary to her. It was quite touching. The Symphony and choir were amazing as usual and the conductor was fun and entertaining. All the artists complimented each other very well and seemed glad to be there.

The music performed was all American music. I really enjoyed all of the songs from musicals, and American composers. There is something about when songs are sung about God and country. It really touches my heart and makes me proud to live here.

I was so glad we went. We were lucky to get in on standby and to also get AMAZING seats (30 or so rows back from the stage). I know Heavenly Father knew it would bless both mine and Drews life and allowed us to experience the concert. I hope everyone will check out the artists featured in the concert when they have the chance. I also hope everyone realizes the blessings of music and how lucky we are to have so many opportunities to hear it here.


Linda Horsley said...

I am sooo glad you were able to go. What an amazing time.

Drew said...

OMG, that concert was amaaaaazing! (to be said like Kelly from The Office) Yes, I did squeal, and yes, Brian Stokes Mitchell was incredible as I had hoped. It's so true, you bring up a good point that I might edit into my post... I love that they sang so much about God, and without a blink of shame or fear of being politically incorrect.

Oh, and I do believe we were on row R, and presuming they start with row A, we were actually on row 18! Woot!

Seth and Katie said...

I love the pictures on the grass. My favorite is the one where Kayla is sucking her thumb. Way to cute! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. What a perfect thing for you to go to. I can't think of one person who would enjoy that more than you!

Elise and Jeff said...

Hooray for wonderful concerts (I accidentally typed in converts, but I guess hooray for them as well) I wish Jeff and I could have gone. Blast these scooter injuries.