Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Don Mess with the Jones Women

Uh yeah, this kid was talking to Mariah at school and was telling her that her friends were stupid. So Mariah, being the "ain't takin' no crap" girl that she is, said something mildly rude back. BUT THEN, the boy says " At least I don't have a down syndrome sister!". This is where Mariah practiced self control because she didn't want to get in trouble and not get to Lagoon Day. So she didn't hit him. Then she came home and told me the story and I was pretty mad. WHO SAYS THAT? Who could be such a slime ball? Does this sort of person even exist. Yes he does. I can say that first hand now because we saw him walking on the side of the road while the women of the family were driving home from somewhere. Mariah started screaming "that's him!" so my mom quickly screeeched a u-turn, and pulled up right next to him. I was ready to give this kid a piece of my mind. My sisters and mom elected me to be the voice of the family, and I had no problem with it. I said "Um I heard you made fun of my sister for being down syndrome? Not cool man." He was all "Tsh... who the heck are you anyway?". My mom started yelling from the front seat "Mariah Jones ring a bell?". He was like "Shes lying". I said "WHY would she lie about something like that?". Then Mariah got up and was like "HEY! You know what you said!" and he was like "Whatever, I'm not listening to this" and walked off. If only I was younger, I would have beat that kid. We didn't leave without the last word though. Oh NO. I yelled after him "You better watch your BACK kid! You hear me!". THEN we drove away. Seriously, don't mess with my family unless you want to get tracked down in a Denali with a bunch of angry and dangerous women inside.


Drew said...

Oh my! Lesson learned! But really, what a stupid thing for a boy to say. Kids can be so ridiculous sometimes. This is nice, usually in life you don't get to have your say in situations like this. I bet it was satisfying to have a say for once.

Katie said...

I was actually talking about this kinda situation last night! We have a down syndrome lady (Way cute lady) in my ward. Some adults were talking behind her back (I wasnt there but heard about it). We decided that people that do stuff like this are so stupid-literally- We know where special people like your sister and my friend in my ward are going! Good for you guys!

Elise and Jeff said...

Holy crap, what a jerk. I swear, kids have absolutely NO respect these days. Or common sense. Or brains. Good for your sister. That kid will get it bad one day. You guys are super brave to mouth off to him. He totally deserved it. You can tell he has no soul, because if I had said something like that, then was yelled at by their mom, I would be in tears for the next week.

I don't expect people with no soul to get very far in life.

PS You guys sounded like some kind of gang of mobsters. Awesome.

Linda Horsley said...

I am laughing out loud! You guys are sooo funny! Of course I would have done the same thing.