Thursday, May 22, 2008

At Last

Well after all the talent that has been coming out of Utah with Dancing with the Stars, Dance Wars, and American Idol, its official. American Idol has booked the Energy Solutions Arena for auditions in July. The world is finally seeing the large pool of talent that exists in Utah and I personally think that the judges are going to be blown away when they get here and think "why weren't we here from the start?". Another Utah hopefull for the Idol title? I think so. Start warming up Utah vocalists!


Drew said...

OMG!!!! They're finally coming here?!?!? I'm also surprised that it took them this long to realize how talented Utahns are. I actually chalk it up in large part to the Church here and its emphasis on music. Hurrah. We should audition together!

Katie said...

Lacie- I better here that you are going to these auditions! We have been talking about this since about the 6th grade. Do not even think about missing this! You could totally make it sooooo far!