Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunshine Day

I went for a walk outside today. It is seriously a beautiful day. With all the crazy weather that has been going on, I thought we would miss out on a perfect spring day! Fortunately, I could walk in the nice weather. Since its "Bubble Week" at the AF rec center, they are closed and I have had to find alternate means to exercise. I thought I would take my dog on a walk. She is always dying to get out of the house and she deserves a day out as much as the rest of us. I learned early on that the leash just wasn't cuttin' it. She would be rushing ahead, while I tried to hold on. Or linger behind and then the walking part for me wasn't really even happening. So I took off the leash. It worked so much better! I would keep my steady pace, but she could linger or run ahead as she pleased and she always caught up with me if I got too far ahead. I am sure that its not a good idea to not have your dogs on leashes, but in this case it worked. Perfectly! She would sometimes have an encounter with other dogs, but handled it with tact. Ha, she ran into a poodle and I don't think she could figure out what it was at first. Then it ran up to her and started barking and biting her and she kind of stood up on her "tippy toes" and slowly turned away like " whoa....I am just gonna leave now...". Ha, it was so funny. I liked her company and I think she will have to be my new walking buddy. We made it back safely and now she is just laying out on the stairs re cooping. It was fun! Hopefully we can go on another walk soon. :)


Drew said...

Sounds like fun! Sometimes when you take your dog for a walk, he takes you for a run.

And it WAS a beautiful day today. So beautiful that I did my reading outside (I was THAT determined to get some color on my pale outer self!). Turns out I got a lot more sun than I bargained for!