Friday, April 25, 2008

Pride and Prejudice

This Thursday was great for me! We finally got some new episodes of my favorite shows on t.v., great dinner, extra nap, etc. However, later I found out that it was probably one of the most devastating days for my family.

The problem has been on going for quite some time now. And has, frankly, gotten out of hand. My grandparents inherited a good amount of land from my great-grandfather. As did the rest of my grandma's siblings. It has always caused problems in the family and has now eventually torn them apart. My grandma and grandpa have always tried to be so kind to my grandmas sad excuse for a family. Always giving gifts, trying to get together, and forgiving others, when her siblings never did any of that for her. And that is just skimming the surface. Now my grandparents want to sell their land and use the money to go on another mission, retire, etc. BUT it seems that no one in the county is willing to let them. I can't really go into all of the details. But, basically the county wont let them sell their land for a bunch of stupid made up reasons, all pointing to the fact that they don't like my "city slickin" grandparents making money off of the land. If there ever were a better time to apply the word " stupid redneck hicks" it would be to those snobbish people that have a prejudice against my grandparents, because they aren't from the country! They said they can't sell the land because that is where wildlife lives, next it was about the land having to be agricultural in some way, next it was about having to have a private road up there, blah blah blah. They have appealed to the county quite a few times on being able to sell land that is rightfully theirs. Thursday was the most recent.

My dad has worked so hard every night trying to compile documents, statements, pictures, meetings, etc. to present at the appeal Thursday, so that my grandparents can get this whole thing resolved. All the board did at the meeting was say they didn't have time for this again, and once again dismissed it. My mom said the whole family looked defeated. We had worked so hard, and now, once again, we have to start over. Each time costing more and more money for my grandparents.

On top of it all my Grandma's siblings are slithering their way around, out to destroy everything. Most unbelievably: Suing their own sister! All because of money. Thats all it is! She could make more off of their land (if they could sell it) than them, so they have to sue for more money. They are the most prideful people I have ever heard of, and my grandmother deserves better than this.
So now they have to start all over. Their name is now slandered throughout the county, being called things that in no way describe my sweet loving grandparents. My grandma's siblings are all torn apart, and my own family is now just incredibly downtrodden (they can hardly talk about it, they are so devistated). And things are still unresolved. All because of Pride and Prejudice.


Drew said...

Ah yes, this is what you were telling me about. I am so sorry to hear about all of this, it's just insane how people get because of money and, like you said, pride. Even (especially?) with family members who should know better! How sad indeed.

Elise said...

Wow, how depressing this is! I am so sorry to hear that about your grandparents! It is hard when the family doesn't get along, when those are the people you usually are counting on to be your back up! I am sorry, Lacie. I hope the best for your grandparents!