Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So I finished. Yay. Its good that its over. I really enjoyed a lot of my classes this semester. After last years "health crisis" and having to take pretty much all of my classes again ( I really can't even remember last year at this time, it was, in a word, BAD)I had to do well this semester. So I re-took my classes with a positive attitude about the whole thing, hoping that this time I would be able to get them taken care of. And I did! All the classes that needed retaking I got an A! YAY! And that definitely turned around my GPA. Until Math. Uhg, why do we have to learn that again? I will never use all the advanced stuff they make us learn. If I was using it, I would probably be going into a field that is math related, but I'm not. If I ever do have to figure that stuff out...I will ask someone who actually understands math. My brain just doesn't function that way. And although I really worked hard at trying to get a good grade out of that no avail. Which, is thoroughly frustrating. And interestingly enough I see that I was still in the top half of the class. Ha, only 6 people passed in a class of 30. Sad I tell you. Anyway. Finals are over, and for the MOST part, I did well this semester and am proud of myself. Now its just playing (and work) for the summa!


Drew said...

Playing for the summa! Woot! It's true, I can attest that, almost a decade after graduating from high school (and, incidentally, almost a decade after my most recent math class), I have never had need to use the things I learned there. Sorry, math profs, it's just not practical.

Whatever happens after finals week, you are done for now! I'm glad yours turned out well!

MattG said...

Yes, Yooray! For Better or For Worse, it's over for a while.